Affiliated Partners

Hearing Health USA is committed to providing our patients with premium quality hearing health care through the most safe and convenient ways possible. We understand that your ability to hear and understand is even more important now than ever before, which is why we are proud to offer the availability of virtual office visits via our TeleHealth services.

TeleHealth offers the option of virtual appointments from licensed and certified hearing care professionals who are highly trained to help you. Our team is able to offer testing, counseling and hearing aid fitting services via phone or Internet. These services allow us to continue to support your communication needs now and in the future. Please click on the link of the appointment type you need and fill out an appointment request form.

We also have a resources page available with tips and videos about commonly asked questions and hearing aid maintenance, as well as an online hearing test that can help give you a baseline of where you currently are. Please browse through the different links below for more information. We are here to help support you, and we look forward to connecting with you! | 855-201-4977